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DESIGNER: Michele Astolfi.

Art work on plexiglass with insert in artistic glass,and Swarovski crystals.

Art work on black plexi background with internal
decoration in three colors of
Swarovski crystals: Crystal Golden Shadow,
Light Colorado Topaz and Crystal Silver shade.
Frame in shiny stainless steel

70.86 in x 47.46 in. 

180 x 120 cm

Option: Frame in colors as per metal finishes selection
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Visionnaire, founded by the company IPE, based in Bologna since 1959, is a meta-luxury brand of reference in the sector of interior design Made in Italy, renowned for its one-of-a-kind design prowess tailored to respond to the desires of its clients. The brand operates in over 55 countries, thanks to over 30 exclusive monobrand stores and a network of department store and multibrand showrooms all over the world.